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Expert Advice by Tree Surgeons in Burgess Hill | Winter Checklist

The storms, frost and rapid temperature fluctuations can take their toll on trees during the cold winter months. To ensure they stay healthy for the following spring, preparation such as autumn tree surgery helps to reduce the stress on them in the winter season. Read on to find out the best ways to care for your trees this winter, with tips from our expert tree surgeons. Established since 2010, Arbor Cura Tree Surgery Ltd has been providing high-quality tree care, stump grinding, firewood and seasoned logs in Burgess Hill for many years.

Our small team of tree surgeons specialise in a complete range of arboricultural solutions including crown reductions, crown thinning, tree felling, deadwood removal and stump grinding. We offer a complete turnkey service for property owners all over the Sussex area and are happy to help customers with tree care during winter and throughout the year.

Winter Tree Care & Preparation

• Autumn is an excellent time to arrange for your tree surgery to be carried out, giving them adequate time to recover in the dormant winter season. Qualified tree surgeons such as Arbor Cura Tree Surgery Ltd, will know the best surgery solutions to keep your tree healthy for the following spring and summer.

• If you have young trees at your Burgess Hill property, special care should be taken to keep them protected and healthy. They should be watered until temperatures fall to freezing and a 3 inch to 4 inch layer of insulating mulch applied around the base of the plant.

•  Make visual inspections of your trees on a regular basis to spot problems early on. Some of the main warning signs to look out for include early leaf dropping, brown or black spots on leaves and swollen swells on the trunk which can indicate disease. You should also keep an eye on visual evidence of pests and damaged branches.

• If any hazardous frost, winds or other winter weather causes severe damage to any trees, contact our qualified tree surgeons. We offer 24-hour emergency callouts for property owners throughout Burgess Hill and the surrounding areas and can carry out safe and efficient tree surgery, tree felling and stump grinding services.

Stock up on Seasoned Logs

With winter fast approaching, it is a good idea to stock up on firewood and seasoned logs to keep your property warm through Christmas and into the new year. At Arbor Cura Tree Surgery Ltd, we supply firewood and seasoned logs that are responsibly sourced from our tree felling services in and around the Burgess Hill area.

We are dedicated to keeping the production of our firewood and seasoned logs as carbon neutral as possible. At the request of the customer, our tree surgeons can introduce native trees to replace any we have felled and source around half of the firewood and seasoned logs from our own operations. As a leading company for tree surgery, stump grinding and tree felling in the Burgess Hill area, we believe we have a responsibility to work with the environment around us, not against it.

Our firewood and seasoned logs mainly consist of hardwood varieties such as:

• Ash
• Oak
• Sycamore
• Holly
• Beech

We also s stock the occasional aromatic varieties, including:

• Apple
• Cherry
• Eucalyptus
• Plum

Contact our expert tree surgeons today on 01273 917 995 or 07767 333 559, for winter tree care advice, tree surgery and stump grinding services, or seasoned logs and firewood in Burgess Hill.

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