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Five Reasons to Invest in Tree Surgery in Hove

Here at Arbor Cura Tree Surgery Ltd, we recognise that due to our large machinery and the size of some the trees we work on, tree surgeons might not be the first thought when it comes to domestic garden landscaping. But with over 25 years of combined trade and industry experience, our NPTC trained personnel have brought tree surgery, stump grinding, seasoned logs and firewood to homes throughout Hove with stunning results.

In our experience, landscaped gardens become well-used spaces; and not just in summer. Our customers throughout Hove also make use of our seasoned logs and firewood, warming up their gardens throughout autumn and winter too.

Here are five reasons our tree surgery and stump grinding can work in your Hove garden:

  1. We Are Experts – DIY is tempting, we understand. While there are obvious safety issues at hand (see 2), our tree surgeons have spent years gaining tree surgery qualifications, followed by even more time spent on projects in Hove. We can differentiate species of tree, we know how each species grows, we can recognise weak branch unions and we can see early signs of decline. It’s a far more cost-effective exercise to invest in expertise the first time.
  2. Safety – Tree surgery involves the use of dangerous machinery, often at height. As NPTC trained tree surgeons working in compliance with current Health and Safety legislation, as well as British Standards BS3998 and BS5837, we cover every safety angle. So whether your Hove project needs stump grinding, stabilising of a dangerous tree after adverse weather or any tree surgery waste disposal, Arbor Cura Tree Surgery Ltd takes care of it all.
  3. Property Value – A study undertaken by Money Magazine revealed that a property with a well-landscaped garden was worth 6%-7% more than a more neglected one. With added security, privacy and aesthetic value, our tree surgeons can maintain and nurture trees to enhance any Brighton or Hove garden. Our stump grinding service also removes any unsightly tree stumps, freeing up more space for a chimenea or fire pit to use with our seasoned logs and firewood.
  4. Continued Healthy Growth – It would be nice if we could simply plant trees in the ground and leave them to grow. If this is allowed to happen, however, it brings trees into conflict with houses, pipes and powerlines throughout Hove. With tree surgery methods such as crown reduction, crown thinning, stump grinding, decline prevention, formative pruning and root pruning, our tree surgeons can work proactively, not reactively.
  5. Enjoying a Landscaped Garden – A landscaped garden is like having an extra room. Tree surgery plays as vital a role as any in creating these idyllic spaces. Healthy, pruned trees strike the right balance between providing shade and security while not starving other plants of sunlight. Having such a space outside is also the perfect way to enjoy the Arbor Cura Tree Surgery Ltd range of seasoned logs and firewood throughout the year.

To talk to our tree surgeons about stump grinding, seasoned logs, firewood or general tree surgery services in Hove, call 01273 917 995 or 07767 333 559.

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